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37° Incubation Chambers

Our environmental chambers are designed for use with Inverted or Upright Microscopes and Confocal Microscopes. Many Research Laboratories are using these incubation chambers for prolonged studies of living cells, including time lapse image capture experiments for cell motility and cell death. Micro manipulation of living cells can also take place in this temperature controlled environment.

Warm, filtered air circulates within the acrylic chamber from a heater unit which is mechanically isolated from the environmental chamber. This ensures that there is no transmission of vibration from the heater fan to the microscope. Users may select temperatures within the range 32°C* to 42°C.

Two doors allow specimens to be changed and the microscope settings to be adjusted. A further two doors, below the stage, allow access to the nosepiece and objectives. Focusing and stage controls remain outside the environmental chamber. The 35mm camera, video camera, multi-viewing and fluorescence capabilities of the microscope are unaffected. Monochromators, filter wheels, shutters, motorised stages, micro manipulators and auto focusing accessories can also be accommodated.

The chamber can, when required, be quickly removed without the use of hand tools.

* or ambient +10°C, whichever is greater

For pricing please complete our Product Selector if you are unable to find your specific microscope system please Contact Us for further details.


Black Enclosures for Low Light Level Microscopy

All our incubation chambers can be made in a low percent transmittance (% T) material. These enclosures are matt coated to minimise reflections and stray light, internal lighting is provided for these systems. Optional lighting for sample manipulation during imaging.

These enclosures are very effective during multi-photon observations.


CO2 Enrichment

A CO2 enriched environment extends the life of the growth medium during prolonged experiments.


A precision needle valve controls the flow of CO2 or CO2 mixture through a water reservoir. This both humidifies the gas and gives a simple, visual indication of flow.



CO2 Mixing

Our CO2 Mixing controllers are an alternative method to using 5% premixed CO2 gas from a cylinder. The device allows use of labs 100% CO2 and mixes with compressed air to produce mixtures of 3 - 7% CO2 in air.

We have two options, one for use with a single Solent Scientific Workhead or one capable of controlling up to 3 Solent Scientific Workheads.

These controllers fit with our current CO2 system and can directly replace our 5% premixed Gas controller.

Please contact the sales team for further information


CO2 Enrichment in Multi Well Microtitre Plates

The standard CO2 accessory will handle these items and the system works well with skilled technicians who are only studying a small number of specimens. We now offer an optional workhead which makes life simpler particularly when many samples are being studied.


Temperature Logging

The temperature registered by platinum foil sensor located in the environmental chamber may be logged for the duration of the experiment. Connection is made from the RS232 port of the temperature controller to the serial port on an IBM compatible data station. This PC software runs in the background of the image capture/analysis software.