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Latest News & Events

A full round up of all the latest news from Solent Scientific.

Now Available - 100% CO2 Mixer with Multiple Outlets

Tuesday 8th September 2015

Solent Scientific is proud to release news that we now have a 100% CO2 Mixer available for multiple systems.

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Leica LMD CO2 Workhead

Wednesday 27th May 2015

Over the last few months Solent Scientific has been working on a CO2 Workhead for the Leica DM 6000 based LMD system . The workhead is now available.

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The Microscience Microscopy Congress 2015

Sunday 5th April 2015

We are pleased to be exhibiting at The Microscience Microscopy Congress 2015 on stand 303

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POC-R2 Workhead

Monday 1st September 2014

The POC-R2 Cell Cultivation System can now be accommodated inside a dedicated workhead when long term experiments are undertaken.

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Incubation Chamber accommodates Eppendorf TransferManTM 4m/r and InjectManTM 4

Friday 29th August 2014

The recently announced TransferManTM 4m/r and InjectManTM 4 Micromanipulators from Eppendorf have now been accommodated inside a Full Enclosure Incubation Chamber fitted to the Olympus IX73 microscope.

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Microscience Microscopy Congress 2014

Monday 30th June 2014

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Hypoxia Studies

Monday 2nd June 2014

By exchanging the feed gas of 5% CO2 with say oxygen free nitrogen (OFN) cells can be observed in the absence of oxygen. For specific oxygen atmospheres e.g. 4.2% oxygen in nitrogen, the feed gas is simply brought in from a premixed gas cylinder.

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Anesthetic Gas Port

Thursday 8th May 2014

Low light level studies of Rodents under in vivo conditions requires the provision of an anesthetic regime. An Anesthetic Gas Port is now available as an option on all Solent Enclosures.

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The Dynamic Cell 2014

Monday 21st April 2014

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Slide Chamber Workhead

Thursday 17th April 2014

With the new Slide Chamber Workhead the objective can travel to the extreme edges of the wells so all cells can be observed.

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