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FAQs - Stages & Z-Drives

Both mechanical and motorised X-Y stages can be accommodated within the incubator. Z Drives operating via the regular focus mechanism will lie outside the incubator.

What are the disadvantages of using a cross movement (3 plate) stage?

Cross movement stages firstly do not anchor the culture vessel so there is no guarantee that the specimen will not move during the lifetime of the experiment. Cross movement stages also do not provide a field of view across the full surface area of the culture vessel. Finally the field of view changes as the stage plates eclipse each other.

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Why do you recommend attachable mechanical stages?

This design anchors the culture vessel in a carriage. The entire surface of the specimen can be positioned above the objective with no reduction in the field of view.

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Can I use a motorised stage inside your incubator?

Yes. Motorised X-Y stages fit inside the incubator with little or no modifications to the acrylic chamber. They allow many fields to be sequentially observed during time lapse experiments and are therefore becoming a popular accessory.

Care must be taken when combining motorised stages with micromanipulators. There are frequent mechanical conflicts between these two important accessories. This happens even when there is no incubator present. It is therefore essential that we know the exact configuration of your microscope so that we can ensure that we achieve a first time fit, every time.

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