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FAQs - Installation & Maintenance

Solent Scientific has been manufacturing full enclosure incubation chambers for Research Inverted Microscopes, Confocal Microscopes and Multi Photon Microscopes since 1997. Installation is simple and maintenance is minimal.

Who will commission the incubation chamber?

Commissioning is simple and carried out by the end user. A step-by-step set of instructions is shipped with every incubator.

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How easy is it to remove the incubation chamber?

It is rare for this to be necessary. By opening all doors at the front of the incubation chamber good access to the microscope is possible when the incubator is switched off.

Our engineers remove chambers from microscopes at the end of an exhibition within 5 minutes.

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I will be using an anti vibration (air) table. What problems will I meet?

The heater for our incubation chambers uses a fan to circulate the warm air. Whilst vibration is negligible it is not good practice to mount any item that may vibrate directly on the isolated platform.

The heater’s anti vibration feet isolates most of the fan vibration. For critical experiments the correct installation involves mounting the heater on a bracket secured to the frame of the table. This will isolate all vibration from the heater fan.

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I want one chamber to fit two microscopes. Is this possible?

Yes and No. All Solent Scientific incubation chambers are custom built to match the exact configuration of microscope. As such a chamber designed for say a Leica DM IRB/E cannot be made to fit a Zeiss Axiovert 200. Apart from the different shape of the two microscope frames the Leica chamber is 62mm taller than the Zeiss.

If two, or more microscopes from the same manufacturer are of similar specifications one chamber can be made to fit both. We have, for example, commissioned a chamber to fit both a Zeiss Axiovert 100 inverted microscope and a Zeiss 135M/LSM 510 Confocal Microscope.

To discuss this option please E-mail the configurations of the microscopes involved to

What routine maintenance do I need to undertake?

There is no regular maintenance involved save for ensuring that the air filter in the base of the heater is kept free of dust.

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