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FAQs - Cameras

Cameras come in all shapes and sizes. They can be fitted to:

  • The bottom port
  • A side port
  • The trinocular head

  Which camera port is best when working with an incubator?

The Bottom Port is the preferred location. There are no mechanical conflicts with the incubation chamber. In addition it normally offers the most intense primary image available.

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If I use the side camera port can I simply remove the camera?

The Side Port is commonly used because of the ease of access to the camera and/or filter wheel. The basic incubation chamber accepts cameras that are small enough to fit underneath the base of the incubation chamber. If the camera is too big the base of the incubation chamber is raised above the camera. With this option the camera can still be removed from the microscope without removing the chamber.

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Can I use the trinocular port?

The Trinocular Head is the least common location for a camera. On some microscopes there are no mechanical conflicts with the incubation chamber, provided the camera size is not extreme. In other cases there is conflict but this can be overcome by modifying the front and/or top face of the incubator. In other cases it simply is not possible.

Please check with Solent Scientific whether your microscope/camera combination can be accommodated by one of our incubators.

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