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27th May 2015

Leica LMD CO2 Workhead

Over the last few months Solent Scientific has been working on a CO2 Workhead for the Leica DM 6000 based LMD system.

The workhead is now available.

The workhead allows for XYZ movement of the specimen, changing of objectives and microdissection all whilst the specimen remains in a temperature and CO2 controlled atmosphere.

30th June - 3rd July 2015

The Microscience Microscopy Congress 2015

We are pleased to be exhibiting at The Microscience Microscopy Congress 2015 on stand  303


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4th - 7th September 2014

The Dynamic Cell 2014

Incubation Chamber for Phase Focus

Solent Scientific will be exhibiting their range of full enclosure incubation chambers at the forthcoming Conference, The Dynamic Cell 2014 at Robinson College, Cambridge on 4-7 September. This is a joint meeting of the British Society for Cell Biology and the Biochemical Society.

Temperature, CO2 and Humidity are all under control.

Of particular interest is a live cell imaging system for the innovative Phase Focus Virtual Lens Microscope, the VL21. This quantitative ptychographic phase imaging system enables long term time-lapse assays without the need for fluorescent labels.

1st September 2014

POC-R2 Workhead


The POC-R2 Cell Cultivation System can now be accommodated inside a dedicated workhead when long term experiments are undertaken.

This additional control of atmosphere and humidity is particularly useful during low flow rate and/or stop flow perfusion experiments e.g. where drugs are added part way through the studies.

29th August 2014

Incubation Chamber accommodates Eppendorf TransferMan® 4m/r and InjectMan® 4

The recently announced TransferMan® 4m/r and InjectMan® 4 Micromanipulators from Eppendorf have now been accommodated inside a Full Enclosure Incubation Chamber fitted to the Olympus IX73 microscope.

Like previous generations of Manipulators access to the capillaries is such that changing them from experiment to experiment is not arduous by using the regular access doors.


30th June - 3rd July 2014

Microscience Microscopy Congress 2014

We are pleased to be exhibiting at the Microscience Microscopy Congress 2014 on stand  501



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2nd June 2014

Hypoxia Studies

The regular Solent CO2 Workheads provide environmental control of 5% CO2 and Humidity. The basic principle is that the controlled atmosphere enters the closed cell at a rate slightly higher than it is leaking out. This equates to a flow in the order of 1-2 ml/min.

By exchanging the feed gas of 5% CO2 with say oxygen free nitrogen (OFN) cells can be observed in the absence of oxygen. For specific oxygen atmospheres e.g. 4.2% oxygen in nitrogen, the feed gas is simply brought in from a premixed gas cylinder.

Work of this nature has been published by:

D. Lambrechts, M. Roeffaers, G. Kerckhofs, S. J. Roberts, J. Hofkens, T. Van de Putte, H. Van Oostervvyck, J. Schrooten, Biomaterials 2013, 34, 922.

Fluorescent oxygen sensitive microbead incorporation for measuring oxygen tension in cell aggregates

8th May 2014

Anesthetic Gas Port

Low light level studies of Rodents under in vivo conditions requires the provision of an anesthetic regime. An Anesthetic Gas Port is now available as an option on all Solent Enclosures. In low light level enclosures the gas can enter but stray light is minimized.

17th April 2014

Slide Chamber Workhead

One restriction to using glass bottomed slide chambers with high NA oil objectives for live cell studies is the field of view available. This mounting of the slide in the CO2 controlled, closed chamber prevents the objective from working at the edge of the wells. Murphy's Law will always position the best cells of interest just beyond the field of view.

With the new Slide Chamber Workhead the objective can travel to the extreme edges of the wells so all cells can be observed.

This workhead naturally maintains the 5% humidified CO2 atmosphere necessary for pH control.

12th March 2014

35mm CO2 Baseplate for Oil & Air Objective

Traditionally inverted microscopes are fitted with long working distance objectives so the lens never comes into contact with the specimen Petri Dish. More and more Researchers are now using high NA oil objectives during their live cell time lapse experiments. This means that the petri dishes need to be held firmer to allow for the upward force created by the contact of the objective through the oil film.

Multi point observations exacerbate the issue.

A new workhead is now available which allows the user to use either oil or air objectives whilst maintaining the 5% humidified CO2 atmosphere necessary for pH control.

19th February 2014

Nikon N-STORM Microscope System

The Nikon N-STORM super resolution microscope system is the latest microscope to be fitted within an Environmental Chamber from Solent Scientific.

The absence of vibration either through the microscope table or via the heating path is a significant benefit for these long exposure acquisitions.

The choice of a 0%T Black Enclosure also minimizes stray light during these observations.

17th January 2014    

Illumination Pillar Tilting option now available

We now offer an option for your incubation chamber to allow tilting of the illumination pillar whilst maintaining temperature stability within the chamber.

Tilting of the illumination pillar is often the preferred route to allow easy access for placing specimens in the stage. When adding a 'standard' full enclosed incubation chamber to the microscope tilting is often not possible or once the pillar is tilted a large hole is left in the top of the chamber which allows a large heat loss and causes a long temp recovery.

Solent Scientific have now developed a system to minimise these heat losses and recovery time. Please see the comparative data for more information.

28th February 2013

CO2 Mixer in Final Stages


CO2 Mixer

Over the last few months Solent Scientific has been working on their CO2 Mixer. The mixer is currently in the final stages of testing before production for market. It is expected to be available in the market before the end of April 2013.

Derrick Atkins from Solent Scientific says: -

We believe our CO2 Mixer will have many advantages over similar products in the market and are very optimistic that it will meet the needs of our customers and compliment our current high end Incubation Chambers & accessories.

7th January 2013

Launch of Incubation Chambers for Olympus IX3 Microscopes

Olympus IX3 Incubation Chamber


Solent Scientific are pleased to announce that alongside the launch of the new Olympus IX3 microscope range we have available Incubation Chambers to fit these flexible microscope systems, from the single deck IX53 (with 100W illuminator) lower end microscope through to the FluoView FV1200 IX83 confocal and cell^tirf IX83 microscope system.

5th May 2011

Advances in Low %T Incubation Chambers

Black Enclosure
Black Enclosure with Red Lights


Further advancements have been made with our Low % T incubation chambers.

> Improved internal viewing lights offers better visibility for microscope setup and sample viewing/manipulation

> New additional light option for manipulation of specimens whilst imaging

> Improved specimen viewing port and cover for initial setup and manipulation



For more information or a quotation please complete our online quotation questionnaire at or contact our sales department at Tel. +44 (0)870 774 7140


20 November 2007

Macau Grand Prix 2007

Macau - Sunday 18th November 2007

For immediate release



Solent Scientific Racing have entered the Macau motorcycle GP for the second consecutive year, fielding riders in both the Superbike and 600 Supersport classes.

Macau, formerly a Portuguese colony but now a Special Administrative Region within the Republic of China, hosts an annual Grand Prix event for many classes of motorsport including the famous Motorcycle GP.

2007 is the 54th annual Grand Prix and the 41st at which motorcycles have competed. During race week the city, on the shore of the South China Sea, is converted to a street race track, the notorious 6.2km long Circuito Da Guia.

For more information regarding Macau please visit the official Macau website at:

For more details of the Macau GP event please visit:

Based in Portsmouth in the UK, Solent Scientific are world leaders in the field of Environmental Controlled Enclosures used in BioResearch Laboraories. Orry Dugdale, Solent Scientific's Managing Director said we are both proud and excited to be associated with such a unique and challenging event.

For more information about Solent Scientific please visit their website at:

The Solent Scientific Team, which consists of one 1000cc Honda Fireblade Superbike and one 600cc Honda CBR600 Supersport machine, is managed by Guisborough based Shaun Muir Racing (known simply as SMR).

SMR are a hugely experienced racing operation and team principal Shaun Muir commented the Macau GP is a major international event and, as such, it's a logical addition to our racing portfolio. We ran the Solent Scientific team in 2006 and we are very pleased to be asked to manage their team again this year.

Solent Scientifics riders for 2007 are Guy Martin on the 1000cc Superbike and Callum Ramsay on the 600cc Supersport machine.

Guy, 25 from Kirmington in Lincolnshire, is already an established road racer having achieved three podium finishes in the 2007 Isle of Man TT races including 2nd place in the Senior Race.

Former British 250cc champion Callum Ramsay, 32 from Perth in Scotland, has had many years of racing success on roads as well short circuits, having won the NW200 and been a previous Macau GP winner.

Racing activities began on Thursday 15th November with Free Practice at 07.30 and Qualifying 1 at 15.30. Both sessions went very well for Martin and Ramsay and gave the team a confident start to the event.

Qualifying 2, held on Friday at 07.30, was a session of high drama for Solent Scientific. For the first 21 minutes of the 30 minute session Martin was the fastest rider out on track with a best lap time of 2m 28.064s.

However, in the 22nd minute disaster struck on the approach to Police Station Bend, a fast narrow turn on the back section of the circuit. Martin misjudged his breaking point causing him to lose control of his 1000cc Honda Fireblade and crash heavily into the safety barrier.

Martin was taken to the local hospital where it was discovered he had broken his left wrist and the thumb on his right hand. On his release from hospital a few hours later he said I am devastated, I was leading the session and then just a tiny error of judgement caused me to crash out. I really feel disappointment for the team, all of whom have worked so hard.

Ramsey, however, continued his strong performance and ended the qualifying sessions as the third fastest in the 600 Supersport class with a lap time of 2m 38.067s.

With Martin's arm in a plaster cast Ramsey was Solent Scientific's only entrant for the Grand Prix, which started at 15.20 on Saturday. He rode an excellent race and achieved a podium position with a well deserved 3rd place. At the press conference he said it was a good race for me and I'm delighted to have got onto the podium. I thank the team for their superb support and I hope this goes some way to make up for the fact that Guy could not race.

Team manager, Shaun Muir, said: obviously the team are very disappointed that Guy could not take part in the Superbike race, especially as his lap times were suggesting he could have finished with the leaders. However, Callum's performance was superb and for the team to achieve a podium place in only it's second year is a fantastic result.

Orry Dugdale, MD of Solent Scientific, summed up his feelings: for Solent Scientific to achieve a podium position in only our second year at this unique closed road race is a true testament to the efforts of Callum Ramsey and the team who support him. It was, of course, a shame that our second rider, Guy Martin, was unable to take part in the Superbike category due to injuries sustained in the qualifying session while trying to improve on his already outstanding qualifying grid position.



P1 Plater - GBR - Aim Yamaha 37:03.845

P2 McGuinness - GBR - Stobart Honda 37:07.965

P3 Hinterreiter - AUT - Austria Yamaha 37:14.236

600cc Supersport

P1 Allan - GBR - Aim Yamaha 38:38.911

P2 Penzkofer - GER - Austria Yamaha 38:51.482

P3 Ramsey - GBR - Solent Scientific Honda 39:35.382


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