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Incubation Chambers for Nikon Microscopes Brochure (821k PDF file)

Incubation Chambers for Leica Microscopes Brochure (843k PDF file)

Incubation Chambers for Olympus Microscopes Brochure (858k PDF file)

Incubation Chambers for Zeiss Microscopes Brochure (827k PDF file)

Environment Control Overview (3.8MB PDF File)

CO2 Enrichment Overview (332k PDF File)

Imaging & Microscopy Article (600k PDF File)

Screensaver(1Mb ZIP file)

Instructions for Downloading and Installing:

  1. Click on the link above and either Open or Save the file to your hard drive.
  2. The zip file contains the file "Solent Scientific.exe".
  3. Double click or Run this file to install the screensaver.


Colour Map (165k PDF file)

Black and White Map (128k PDF file) - suitable for faxing

When printing, select landscape format and "fine" or "best quality" in your printer's preferences.

General Terms & Conditions and Statements

Terms and Conditions of Purchase (36k PDF file)

Terms and Conditions of Sale (36k PDF file)

WEEE Compliance Statement (22k PDF file)

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